Aya is making a name for itself as a brand that creates its very own artistic and unique hand-drawn prints.
Aya evolved from the fractal aesthetic of nature and solar system. Aya's designs and shapes reflect our natural and atmospheric surroundings. The inherent mystery of the night sky draped like a veil over waves of glowing white stars, the ceaselessly expanding darkness of space and the ageless growth patterns of leaves and tree rings.

Aya uses tasteful and sensuous blends of fabrics exclusive to our brand. The capsule collection is all about clean, simple designs and lushly comfortable pieces that are easy to wear from day to night. Our collection strives to be different and is always in the process of creating new prints and on-trend colors to further our exclusive brand.


Kazahkstan born Dina Kabdolla draws her eclectic inspiration from her young daughter Ayala to create her unique, yet wearable, everyday streetwear. Before the birth of Ayala, Dina began crafting her dream and one-of-a-kind aesthetic at an incredibly young age, as she began drawing and sewing by the time she was just 5. As a young teen, she took her passion to Cambridge where she studied fashion and interned at various small fashion brands. Seeking to expand her vision, she moved to Los Angeles at 20 to study at FIDM where she utilized her extraordinary talents with different brands as a freelancer. The fashion epicenter of New York City then called to her, where she tirelessly worked on her own brand simultaneously paying the bills working at fabric stores, while freelancing for different companies. After developing her signature designs, she jumped back to Los Angeles to begin making her dreams reality. She incorporated her high-fashion, hand-drawn, iconic designs with quality yet affordable, high fashion streetwear to manifest the strikingly bold vision of AYA by DK.

Dina received her most magical birthday gift when her daughter AyAla was born January 5th, 2011 in Beverly Hills. Not only do they share the same birthday, Ayala shares her mother's passion for art, as she loves to paint and adores everything and anything colorful, especially the color pink. She can speak three languages, Kazakh, Russian, and English and has big dreams to live and go to school in Paris. Her big dreams are equal to her big, sassy personality, as she is very opinionated and very mature for her age. She loves to model and pose and take adorable selfies. AyA is the source of inspiration and drive for Dina. Without her, Dina's deeply personal and emblematic vision would not be possible.

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